Russian Ghetto

Another side of russian big city's life.
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 For our guests

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СообщениеТема: For our guests   For our guests EmptyЧт Июн 09, 2011 7:50 pm

hello and welcome for our nice place. this is russian ghetto where you can drink a lot of vodka and dance the kalinka with the real bear from siberian forest Twisted Evil

that's joke, people. this forum id dedicated to real russian life. it will never be found on tv and press but could be read on virtual media. unfortunately, in the last time many bloggers & authors in russia have a lot of problems with our authorities and police. they can be claimed as extremists because of their critics and even are really situated on the way of penal chasing.

so we had to leave our hosting service in russia and establish here. you can find the topics about politics, world news, music and cinema. but our main duscussion is daily life of usual people in russia. about his jokes, love, disillusions, pains and hopes in real life on real streets, yards and houses.

join us, read and write. now forum is mostly in russian, but international english-speaking section also exist. respect our rules and have a nice time!

sincerely yours,

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For our guests
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