Russian Ghetto

Another side of russian big city's life.
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 Attention! Read these rules before you start to post!

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Дата регистрации : 2011-06-08
Откуда : little big panelled world

Attention! Read these rules before you start to post! Empty
СообщениеТема: Attention! Read these rules before you start to post!   Attention! Read these rules before you start to post! EmptyСр Июн 08, 2011 8:14 pm

Good day / night / evening / morning! Sorry that we are so busy to create more detailed rules of this forum. So it’s short but informative.

Our rules are here:

1. Russian is official language of the forum. Please, try to write correctly on it. Posts on Russian using the translit (latin script for it) will be deleted. Erratives, padonki’s slang and another hypercorrection trash will be also erased. English is official in the English-Speaking section. Other idioms can use only if the discussing forum members are able to understand it.

2. Obscene words and phrases are allowed only in exceptional situations. Then you should remember that it’s to damn and not to communicate.

3. Follow only the theme of the discussion. Offtop and flood are forbidden.

4. Don’t damn and abuse the forum members. Don’t provocate them because in this cause you can be punished very strictly and banned forever in one moment.

5. Incitement to russophobia and another ethnic or racial hatred is strictly forbidden. Describe your point of view without humiliation and abusing to other forum members.

6. Don’t post the methods of production of the drugs, bombs, poisons and another dangerous things.

7. Advertisement and another business activites could be allowed with the permission of administration.

8. That’s all. Rules are not so hard to follow. We hope you’ll have a pleasure in this forum. Good luck!
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Attention! Read these rules before you start to post!
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